HNX Network

Importance of HNX

Over 2 years of development to bring in the wechat of blockchain with ease of funds transfer when chatting one to one or in a social group setting. All data are protectedby Inter Planetary File System thus not giving any room for data breach.


Currently there is no fast and robust platform in a social media setting to send funds through chatting or in a group setting. The speed of current systems are very slow thus minimizing an optimum experience as well as the traditional chat payment apps which are suspectible to hacks and data breaches.


HNX solves this by running on the EOS blockchain with a block time of 0.5 seconds enabling us to transfer payment on chat as fast you can ping. Further more the security is enhanced by the data running on IPFS which stores the data on decentralized distributed servers so there is no liability of data breach. Users can send to anyone on the app through chat be it one on one or one to many group chats. Thus seemlessly connecting both social media chatting and payment all jam packed powerfully into one robust application.

15 Trillion USD

Global HNX market

2.5 Trillion USD

Current chat payment app market


Expected yearly growth

12.5 Trillion USD

HNX addressable market

Compare Solutions For Users Status messenger Wechat Venmo HNX
Enhanced user funds security YES NO NO YES
Account Unconfiscatable YES NO NO YES
Social chatting YES YES NO YES
Major network downtime protection YES YES NO YES
Biometric data security NO NO NO YES
Compare Solutions For Investors Status messenger Wechat Venmo HNX
Tax advantage NO NO NO YES
Wider free market investment YES NO NO YES
Growth potential YES NO NO YES

HNX tokens can be used in these areas within the ecosystem

HNX Peer to Peer Chat

Funds can be requested or sent in 1 on 1 secure chat

HNX group Chat

Funds can be sent to multiple or individual or people with in a group

HNX Wallet

HNX will be required for listing new tokens in the chat application for being token agnostic

How HNX Comapres with other solutions

HNX ecosystem

HNX wallet with advanced IPFS biometric encryption

HNX one to one chat payments


Advance AI due diligiance

Users will undergo strict due diligance to make sure the funds are interassociated with the correct user and there arent any vulnerabilities for account breach and funds loss due to the platform.

1) AI module to verify the EOS blockchain with right key pairs for the users
2) Bimoetric metahash traversing on IPFS for authencity with biometric device agnosticness
3) Account duplication due diligence with AI to make sure the biometrics of a single person in use
4) Finalized report cross due diligence verification

HNX Shares to companies and wide user base

Potential 3 million initial world wide user penetration already done and the process is underway

Entry into 3 billion+ people who will switch to blockchainized social media payment services

Enormous scaling possibility

Profit Sources

1) Micro transactional fees

2) Income from listing payments of added coin support

3) Possible membership fees after massive user aquisation

4) HNX market making spread returns

$1.5 Trillion invested in social media app infrastructure worldwide in 2018

$6 Trillion+ looking to be invested over next 10 years

Over 120+ countries looking to enter the space

Over 3 billion people actively participating in social media chat payment system in next 10 years